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Dear All,

For Micro Focus Connect Core – to Add Jira in Data source, JIRA connector is required to be added with required JAR files.

As jira is a 3rd party connector, Jira connector 4.4 was download and steps follwoed as as per the pre-requite of the JIRA connector,

  1. The file should be copied to the Micro Focus Connect’s AppData\data folder.
    2. The following are required to run the Connector. For further configuration instructions, see the Micro Focus Connect Release Notes.
    Create a Connector directory. For example: C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Connect\AppData\connectors\mfcConnectorJira
    NOTE: If this is being installed into an existing connector directory, you must remove the existing mfc*.jars
    Copy the following libraries (and the provided Connector jar, and the provided mfcConnectorUtil jar) into the connector directory you created.
    atlassian-renderer-8.0.29.jar      ( asking user name password while downloading the jar) – Not copied in the connector folder


Coz I was not able to see the JIRA connector, I downloaded the JIRa connector and add the JAR file (out of which one is missing to be added i.e.  atlassian-renderer-8.0.29.jar


  1. Can someone help me with the atlassian-renderer-8.0.29.jar file or give me a location were I can download this without user and password ?
  2. Could someone help me on how to exactly setup the JIRA connector step-by-step and Setup up the JIRA data source in MF connector ?  or point me to a guide if available online?

Please help me with answers to both the questions.


Thanks in Advance..!!


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Asked on January 18, 2021 9:33 am
Answers (1)
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Try this URL:

If you cannot get that one get another version of that Jar and try, such as:

Are you able to download it from here?

Also when you install the connector make sure and restart MFconnect to see Jira available as a datasource

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Answered on January 29, 2021 10:10 am