Enabling Text Search for ALM
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Text search was requested for one of our ALM projects. We reached out to the SQL-Server DBA who enabled it for the project. Under DB Servers, we have Text Search set to “Enabled”. We went to the Project Details tab of the project and clicked on “Enable/Rebuild Text Search”. However, we noticed that text search is still not enabled. We followed the steps provided by MicroFocus:


Now, after the DBA said he enabled the text search feature for the project, it still does not appear to be enabled.

Could it have anything to do with indexes in SQL-Server?

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Asked on January 15, 2021 10:56 am
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If everything lines up:
1) Text Search enabled for whole SQL-Server instance
2) text search enabled for specific "database server" on DB servers tab
3) Text search enabled in back-end for specific project(s) DB Schema
4) Text search enable/rebuildĀ on PROJECT Info tab for project(s)

the indexes should build themselves with no SQL-Server DBA interaction - it may take some time

Now, from time to time (when we see certain errors in logs), we DO need to delete them manually from the database (similar to deleting a table), then they regenerate.

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Answered on January 15, 2021 10:57 am

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