How to drill down further into the data
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We are currently using LoadRunner 12.50.
My users are asking the following:

"When testing a data point, and We can’t figure out how to get to more detail from LoadRunner Analysis. We have ensured that the graph is at one second. We looked in the MDB but don’t know the table to look at." Any input would be great.

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Asked on September 30, 2016 1:34 pm
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The reason that you are not able to see the data point is that the event is occurring between the microsecond intervals within the 1 second granularity.
You can view the Raw Data to analyze your data. You can view graph data in spreadsheet view or raw data view. There are two ways to view the Raw Data within the LoadRunner Analysis tool:

1. Click the appropriate tab on the right border of the Analysis window


2. Select Windows > Raw Data

In addition, you can analyze the Raw Results by doing one of the following below:

To view the manually Download the
1. Unzip the
2. In the results folder look for the .lrr file
3. Double click the .lrr file (wait for the Analysis tool to open, may take a few minutes)

OR With the Analysis tool already open
1. Download the
2. Unzip the
3. In analysis select ''File>Open...''
4. In the Open Existing Analysis session file dialog box
a. CHANGE the ''Files of Type:'' LoadRunner Results''
b. Navigate to the results file (unzipped)
c. Select the for the .lrr file
5. Press ''OK''

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Answered on September 30, 2016 1:36 pm

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