We are unable to login into one of our projects in the PROD server
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This morning, we are unable to login into one project in the production server and unable to add additional users to access the project. When we click on the project in site Administrator, it also takes a very long time to present the Project Information tab, but it eventually comes up.

Can you please help us, this project has 1000 users?

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Asked on September 29, 2016 6:51 pm
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Based on the error you put in the comments:
ERR ExcelReportLogicImpl$QueryResultStreamWriter.write(780)
Failed executing query. Msg = [Mercury][Oracle JDBC Driver]Execution timeout expired.

Failed SQL: /* ~~QC */ select RCYC_NAME ''Cycle name'', TS_USER_TEMPLATE_02 ''Func. area'', CF_ITEM_NAME ''Entity'', CY_CYCLE ''Test set'',
TS_NAME ''Test instance'', TC_TESTER_NAME ''Test lead'',
RN_RUN_ID ''Run id.'', RN_STATUS ''Run status'', RN_TESTER_NAME ''Tester''

There is a TIMEOUT from Oracle during this query being run - it may be too complex or may have something ''bad''/illegal about the query syntax.

Look to see if there are any Hung sessions in Oracle for the project schema/user used by this project. Also have the DBA look for any ''blocking locks''.

Remove/clear these sessions or locks and try the logins tot he project again.

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Answered on September 29, 2016 7:00 pm
That solved it, thanks. We saw the userID on the ERROR line and have investigated to find out what Excel Report they were running. Luckily, it was ''private'' (not public) and we deleted it. We also discovered that the user was trying to do an impossibly complex query that had joins between tables that really should not have been joined. We have asked the DBAs to also monitor for Hung DB sessions/blocking locks and alert the DBAs and QC admin accordingly. We are also looking into setting a lower query time limit on the Oracle side so that lengthy time consuming reports like this are stopped.
( at September 29, 2016 7:05 pm)

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