How to get rid of the “rocketship” icons on ALM 16 and later?

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We installed ALM 16, and indicated for it to install ALM Client Launcher.

It works fine, but now, we realize we do NOT want the “rocket ship” icons.  These take users to a Download page to get the ALM Client Launcher and is a bit confusing to them.  Many cannot even install it anyway without some Admin to assist.  We would rather “push” out the newer 4.0 MSI instead of having users download it themselves.

Can we get rid of the rocket icons from the qcbin page?

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Asked on May 4, 2022 3:40 pm
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YES!  you CAN get rid of them:


Go to “qcbin” deployed folder and edit index.jsp file.

Find section for “isLauncherEnabled()”

The method has one clause that ends in "return true;", and another that says "return false;"

Change the "true" one to say "false".

This “breaks” the method so that it ALWAYS returns FALSE.

This will cause the rocket ship buttons/icons to never show up!

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Answered on May 4, 2022 3:44 pm