How to make correlations between front and back end requests
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I work in a company that has several mobile applications being monitored by the AppDynamics platform. I’m the responsible for carrying out the monitoring via the Browser and this is already working ok, all requests made both from the backend and the frontend are already instrumented on the platform. Now I would like to know how I could be doing the correlation of requests between front and back. Does anyone have any material to share?

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Asked on December 30, 2022 2:09 pm
AppDynamics is very good at doing this. In your Browser Application if you click on the Pages and Ajax Requests tab and go to a request you will see the tab "Browser Snapshots". Click on this tab and you will see a list of snapshots to choose from. If you see a blue icon on the left that looks like a document this means that you also have a matching Transaction Snapshot which is the rest of the information of the backend request. This functionality should be turned on by default. Please see the below link for further information:
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