How to make Dashboard Excel report in QC10 available for a group of users?

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  • How to make Dashboard Excel report in QC10 available for a group of users?
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I have created Excel report in QC10 Dashboard module. I want to make this report visible to a specific group of users either in Private or Public folders. Means –

1. I want that this report should only be visible to this group in Public folder and no other should see this.


2. If I can create one folder in my Private folder and grant VIEW / GENERATE permission to this group. This way others will not be able to see this report.

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Asked on May 20, 2011 7:14 am
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At first glance, reports accessible by module (Reqs, Test, Defects, and Dashboard) are an either/or option. Either its exclusively Private to your logon or its Public to all who log into the project. Views are not selected by User Group. However see what you can do in through Project Admin in the Groups link. In the Admin tab, see if you can select Views of reports by dedicated Roles.

I have to warn you, though. Having folks in one role see things that every role cannot is an abysmal nightmare. When you see something in HPQC, whether it be a report or a field and its menus, you rightly assume everyone sees the same thing. Everyone should always see the same thing in the same order as everyone else - throughout the entire project for all projects. Every role should see and access the same data. Only defect closing permissions should differ by role, but they should still SEE the same fields/menus in the same order.

PMs and Executives get angry when their subordinates don't report on essential values. What they don't realize is that a QC Admin with no real QA Management experience has altered views by role. A user cannot enter data that does not exist for him. A PM can't imagine that data would be withheld from her team when accessing the same project.

If you really want folks to see certain reports and not other team members, then either update that same report to a SharePoint site and send them an updated link or go ahead and email those selected people your updated report. Don't contrive or manipulate access from the HP QC project itself or you'll go down a rabbit hole that you can't get out of.

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Answered on August 23, 2013 6:41 pm