How to migrate QCSITEADMIN database from Oracle to MS SQL ?
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I have a requirement where all projects and siteadmin/ lab project has to move from ALM 15  patch 2 oracle to ALM 15 patch 2 MS SQL server?

Idea is to connect MS SQL as a new DB to existing ALM 15 patch 2 and export all projects from Oracle as QCP file and import them into MS SQL server.

After all the projects export/import , how do I migrate QCSITEADMIN from Oracle to MS SQL and make the site admin in MS SQL operational and effective so that subsequent siteadmin activities like user addition, project creation gets done from MS SQL siteadmin db.

I really appreciate if someone can help on this activity. Please share the steps that have to be performed along with your experience in doing this activity.

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Asked on July 3, 2023 2:34 pm
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Project migration is easier (and more likely to work better) when you "copy" the project using a SQL-server "database server" in Site admin to an "Oracle" database server (Db-Servers tab).  To copy, create a NEW project by making a copy of contents of an existing project, AND indicate to use the dbserver that uses Oracle.  this will copy the project data as well as the repository.  The QCP export sometimes can bog down/choke on large projects.


As for the qcsiteadmin_db schema/database, there is no way in ALM to copy that.

Site Admin contains list of projects, Users, LDAP settings (if using) and Site Parameter settings.

You could (with assistance from DBA ) copy needed data from old qcsiteadmin into new one, but it is quite tedious.  We usually just start over.

The project list is created on the fly as you "restore" projects.  Restore will create "stubs" of your users found in the project (just the userID).

It is possible to export users and import into other qcsiteadmin (if using LDAP, you can just re-import users after configuring LDAP on new siteadmin).



You could take screenshots or export the site parameter list and set same way in new site admin.

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Answered on July 24, 2023 2:21 pm

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