How to move project in QC 10 to new server
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I’m having QC10 on windows 2003 connect to Oracle 10. I need to move the QC10 projects to a new windows 2008 server and connect those projects to a new Oracle DB server. What is the best way to do it.
Those 2 QC10 servers will be the ame Oracle/QC version, after completion the windows 2003 will be decommission.

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Asked on March 16, 2018 4:37 pm
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Hi Arik,
You would need to get a supported Windows 2008 server version (see here for supported environments: ) and have all of the your pertinent passwords and userids handy (this includes the site admin password and user account to that was used to originally install your QC10 instance, your confidential security and data passphrases and any other pertinent information.

You would want the take the old server down and make backups of the repository and the DB schemas. Next you will need to restore the backups the various servers. Restore the DB schemas to the new Oracle DB instance (you can use a datapump to move the the backups of the schemas...all the project schemas and the siteadmin schema along with any other the new DB server). Once this is done then you can restore your repository to the new application server maintaining the same structure that it is currently on the running server, assuming that is how you intend it to remain otherwise make your heirarchial changes.

Now you would install the QC10 onto the new server but instead of selecting ''create a new schema'' for the site admin schema, you will select ''connect/create to secondary node''. This selection allows you to select and connect to the existing qcsiteadmin schema. Continue on with the installation and it should complete without issue. Once the system is up and running then you will want to go in and verify the projects (if the path or any of the information in the dbid.xml has changed from the previous installation then you will not be able to access the projects and will have to remove the project (note: remove the project and do not delete the project as these are both options but remove only removes it from the project list...whereas delete removes it from the project list and deletes all the resources: the repository and the DB project schema). edit the dbid.xml to reflect the new infromation, and then restore the project.

This is the basic steps of what you will need to move and get the new server up and running. If you are unfamiliar with this process you may want to read the upgrade/migration guide as it is basically the same steps but instead of performing the project upgrad portions you are completed at that point or open a case with your support group. FYI, this is sunsetted and no longer supported project so unless you are upgrading to a newer version lots of support groups will not assist with this issue.

Hope this helps clarify somethings. Good luck.

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Answered on April 20, 2018 6:13 pm

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