How to remove template script area of workflow from a new project copy made from a template project
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We created a new project copy from our template project in ALM 11.52. This new copy is to be a standalone project, never tied back to the template. It will be going on a different path for a one-off type of customization setup. We copied from the template to get our standard fields and some layout workflow.

Our issue now is that for trying to add in new customization, we have the 2 sets of flow areas. The template flow and the project script flow. We would like to keep a few aspects of the template flow, but there has been some added flow to the project script. This conflicts so we need to basically get the template flow to be ignored. We have already taken from it what code we need and put to the project scripts area. Do we just manually delete scripts from template area then? We are not sure of the process here then.

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Asked on April 18, 2017 7:18 pm
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There is not a HPE document that details out a proper process or standard for this type of action. I will though detail out a solution below that can achieve what you need done, which is the removal of the template script area from the new project.

First, we need to enter site admin and ensure our FTP port parameter is in place. Under the Site Configuration tab, for the listed parameters, check to see if FTP_PORT is present. If not, add it and give it a value of 2121. Typically this port should be free but you might want to check to be sure.

After the ftp port is added or known to exist, next we will want to use it to view the repository for the newly created project. I prefer to use windows explorer to ftp over as in the explorer window its is easy to sort files by date, size, etc.

Here are the steps to create a ftp shortcut in Windows 7. Similar for other versions of Windows.

1. Open Computer by clicking the ''Start'' button, and then clicking Computer.
2. Right-click anywhere in the folder, and then click Add a Network Location.
3. In the wizard, select Choose a custom network location, and then click Next.
4. Enter the name of the FTP site, example being ftp://theadmin@myalmserver:2121/ The user ''theadmin'' is my site admin user, myalmserver is the name of my ALM 11.52 server. Click Next to continue.
5. Enter name for the shortcut. I tend to just name it ALM 11.52 FTP or similar
6. Screen will have created, and gives you option to Open when Finish. Click Finish.
7. FTP shortcut should open and you should be prompted to enter password for the site admin user name you entered. Option below has ''Save Password'' and if you click it, you only need to log in the one time.

Use your new shortcut to find your domain and the newly created project. Open the project and look for the scripts folder. Open that and you will see list of worfklow scripts added. Template scripts will have a name such as **Tempalte_testplan.tds** or similar. You will want to delete any script that has **Template_** in front as those would be your template scripts.

After deletion of all the **Template_** scripts, suggest you then stop and restart the ALM service. This in short would force a reload of the project, a new read from repository. Get service back up, login to project and enter customization. Open the script editor and you should see that the template script section is gone and only the project script section is present. Now you just have the one area for adding in new workflow code. No more conflicts.

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Answered on April 18, 2017 7:23 pm
Hey that works great! I already had FTP access setup so quick pop over and took a look. Saw some template_ blah scripts and deleted them. Bounced the service (this is a test env so no hassle to bring it down) and no more template script area. Cool fix bro.
( at April 18, 2017 7:35 pm)

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