How to run Verify report?
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In preparation for the upgrade from HP ALM 11.52 to HP ALM 12.5 we want to run the report to verify the projects. Please let me know how to run this report.

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Asked on September 6, 2016 3:52 pm
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You can launch the project ''VERIFY'' with a rt-click on the project in Site Admin, then select Maintain, then VERIFY.

This will give a log in the logging window, and can be saved to a file on your PC.

It is VERY common for the Verify to find errors that ''Repair WILL fix''. Generally, if a project is running OK, we do not worry about doing a ''repair before migration and upgrade to a newer version of QC. Doing a repair unnecessarily might render you project unusable - make a backup!

Sometimes, it will say at the end that ''repair cannot fix'' the errors and will require ''Manual repair''. In this case, we look a few lines above to find the output path and name of the (HTML) log file telling you how to manually fix.

Again, we really don't worry too much about this ''manual fix'' error when we are migrating and upgrading to newer QC - you will eventually need to fix it for the new version though.
It is usually a Verify/review log/manual fix if necessary/ then Verify again, then Repair cycle.

We generally just migrate projects to the NEW server environment, THEN we ALWAYS do the VERIFY, REPAIR, UPGRADE tasks (explicitly in that order) on each project anyway. Also, the NEWER QC is ALWAYS more scrutinizing than the older version and is the version that matters as you are upgrading to it.

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Answered on September 6, 2016 3:58 pm

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