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I’m using HP Diagnostics to monitor my application servers. I’m able to see the aggregated data in HP Diagnostics; however, I would like to see the real-time raw metrics prior to the data being aggregated. I really need to see a low/atomic level view.

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Asked on July 28, 2014 5:08 pm
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When you install a Diagnostics probe or collector on any application server, you assign a port in the range 35000 to 35100 to that probe or collector. As part of the probe installation, a small web server is configured to deliver the level of data you are after. This web server is called the Diagnostics Profiler. You access the available web pages on the profiler using a web browser and the following URL structure.

http://[your probe UNC or IP]:[port number]

For example:

Your probe address is machine WS601_AppSer at IP and when you configured the probe you configured the probe to use port 35001. You will access the Profiler with following URLS.



This will invoke the display of the Diagnostics Profiler and you will now be able to view data from the probe in real-time.

The differences between the Diagnostics Profiler and Diagnostics are:

The Profiler is limited to 5 users. If more than 5 users hit the application server, events will start to drop (the Profiler will ignore those additional events). The Profiler can run more than 5 users by inserting the DD license .key file into the /etc folder.

The Profiler cannot save results offline ; all data reporting is online, in real time

In terms of metrics, Diagnostics reports aggregate online data,
whereas, the Profiler reports instance online data (again, there is no offline data for the Profiler).

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Answered on July 28, 2014 5:13 pm