How to setup ALM Lab Management
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We are currently trying to get Lab Management working in our ALM environment. Can you provide some guidance on how to set this up?

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Asked on July 21, 2017 4:54 pm
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Lab Management setup:

1. Enable the ''Lab Extension for Functional and Performance testing'' on the ALM project in site admin (NOTE: I highly suggest testing this feature first on a test project, once it is turned on it cannot be turned off)

2. On the UFT machine, go to alm/qcbin then click the tools/add ins page, find the link for the lab service add in, then install the correct version on the machine (either 32 or 64 bit) when installing select the ''autologin'' feature to be installed as well

3. Log into the lab management project and add the machine name under hosts, then on the UFT machine Right click on the lab service icon in the bottom right hand corner of the system tray and select settings, fill in your alm server address, the login that you want to run the test, then click ''Register Host'' and ''Ok''

4. In ALM (in the project that has the extension enabled) you would create a new test set of type ''Functional'' the test set must be of type functional, a default test set will not use lab management. (if you cannot select the test set type ''functional'' and you have enabled the extension on the project try repairing the project via site admin and it should show up)

5. In the lab management project in ALM make sure that you have the purpose of the machine set to ''quick test professional'' under hosts

6. You would then add your test to the functional test set and click run, by default it will run on machines that have the purpose set to ''quick test professional'' or you can specify a specific machine.

7. You could also setup timeslots so that the machines can run test sets automatically after hours

This above is a very high level overview, I would talk to the ALM admin and discuss the possibility of this, you can familiarize yourselves with the installation/features of lab management from the links below:

Additionally there are some errors that I see come up time to time when users are configuring lab management and lab service for the first time, many many times most of these errors can be attributed to the UFT machine having User Account Control turned on in the UFT machine, before trying any of the above I would make sure the ''EnableLua'' is set to 0 in the registry.

NOTE: once you set EnableLUA to 0 in the registry you MUST restart the operating system before it actually is turned off. Once you log back in I would also go back in the registry and make sure it is still set to 0 many times group policy will turn it right back on.

Additionally make sure that the machine with Lab Service add in has read/write access on all the required directories.

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Answered on July 21, 2017 5:07 pm

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