How to share release folders to projects from template project under cross project customization in ALM
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We utilize cross project customization. We want to go about using a "master" release setup to push to each project, laying out full calendar year and having same setup available for the linked projects. How do I best accomplish this? I don't see settings for folders. Do you just create and apply and they appear? I did not see that happen in a test setup so wondering what I might be missing.

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Asked on January 24, 2017 3:54 pm
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Release folders are not an aspect of cross project that is applied to linked projects. Any release folders have to be manually added to any project, linked to a template project or not. Release folders are not shared or applied at all via cross project customization.

What is available is the actual releases themselves. You can create releases in the template project. As you apply the template project to linked projects, the template is an option for use when creating a new release. The release folders are not shared and again would have to be manually created per linked project.

I will demonstrate an example:

First I will log into my template project. Go to Release module and create a new Release Folder. I named mine EOT Release Folder. Under it I added a new release, called EOT Release. I set the dates for the release to go from March 1st 2017 to June 1st 2017. See pic below.

![alt text][1]

After the release is setup, I then enter project customization for my template. Select on the left hand side the ''Cross Project Customization'' option. This will show you your linked projects to the template (link projects via site admin, not within the template). We will then select our project that we want to add the customization too. Select the project then run a Verify. If that completes with no errors, then select Apply Customization to do just that for the linked project.

![alt text][2]

Once the apply has finished, now login to the linked project. After login, select the Releases module on the left. Here we will see any already exiting or nothing at all if a new project or one with no prior releases.

![alt text][3]

Next step is to create a new release folder. Can name it anything you want, it does not matter the name. I created one called MyRFolder. After creation, in the upper menu is the New Release button. There will be 2 options for this menu button. One is ''New Release from Template'' while other is ''New Empty Release. We will select ''New Release from Template''.

This will open a new pop up windows. In the top drop down, the Template Release one, you will see the full Release module tree from the template project. Select down to your release folder and the release you made earlier. I will pick my EOT Release Folder and then my EOT Release made above.

Once select, you will need to name the release. It can have any name or you can keep the same name as the template if you prefer. Add the text to the Release Name field to name it. I named mine here MyTempRelease.

![alt text][4]

And after you hit Okay, the new release is created with same dates and setup as it was in the template project.

![alt text][5]

Again to sum up, release folders in a template cannot be shared via cross project. Any release folders have to be manually created within each linked project. Actual template releases can be shared though and easily added to a linked project. The action is still a manual add as cross project itself will not auto populate any release data from template project to a linked project.

[1]: /storage/temp/551-templaterelease.png
[2]: /storage/temp/552-crossprojectapply.png
[3]: /storage/temp/553-newprojectreleaseclean.png
[4]: /storage/temp/554-newtemplaterelease.png
[5]: /storage/temp/555-finalrelease.png

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Answered on January 24, 2017 4:02 pm
Great explanation, love the pictures to the process. Appreciate the details and the information.
( at January 24, 2017 4:07 pm)

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