How to un-install APLS 10.5.1 from RHEL (Linux) server?
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APLS 10.5.1 has an issue if we are installing APLS 10.5.1 in RHEL server, per the specialist from Micro Focus.

So, now I need to uninstall APLS 10.5.1 from RHEL. I do not find a good documentation about un-installation of APLS from RHEL server.
Would you please suggest how to uninstall APLS 10.5.1?

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Asked on August 16, 2018 6:05 pm
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APLS 10.5.1 user guide is a pain. This user guide does not have following information. I got it from 9.3 user guide.
Hopefully, it would help someone like me.

Console Uninstallation To perform console uninstallation, do the following: In the Commandline tool, enter the directory path to the HPAutoPassLicenseServer folder found in the installation directory, as seen in the example below:
Enter the command ''./ChangeHPAutopassLicenseServer-iconsole'' and press Enter The License Server is uninstalled.

If the Linux box has the UI enabled:
Enter the command ''./Change HP Autopass License Server'' and follow the instructions provided by the wizard.

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Answered on August 16, 2018 7:42 pm

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