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It is my understanding that workflow does not execute for Excel Imports or using the API say for creating defects. Meaning in the browser using workflow I can make one field required based on the value entered in another…however if I Excel import that same defect using a field value that would require another field to be filled it…there is no error and the import works fine…however the next time I touch that defect the required field value is needed.
Can I enforce workflow on Excel Imports or API imports?

I know I can set a field as required in Entities but that only works if you always want it to be required…in this case it needs workflow to make that determination.

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Asked on August 16, 2018 8:44 pm
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There is no way to accomplish this as you are requiring as the workflow drives the determination based upon input whether the field would be required and even possibly what values are acceptable during the actual execution of that workflow. Now with the API and Excel imports the values are essentially entered into the fields on the backend. Since the workflow is never executed during an import and the fields directly populated their is no logic that occurs to determine to the required fields be populated or even which values it can accept. You are assuming when importing that data that you are providing the required data directly and not relying on the workflow to determine such things.

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Answered on October 16, 2018 2:49 pm

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