HP Sync failing to update records throwing ”Attachment already exists” error
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Our QC-JIRA Sync-link with the native HP-JIRA Adapter has lately been doing strange things when trying to update some older records.
We were trying to update some comments on a closed QC/JIRA record pair and it just will not sync/update them — even though we are not doing anything with attachments (but there are some on the records), it is throwing this error:

02/28/2017,10:43:11,680 ERROR (IncSync.Update.From2To1.Source-52127.Attachments) Synchronize: HP-ALM: addAtachment: Failed attaching: screenshot-1.png
02/28/2017,10:43:11,680 ERROR (IncSync.Update.From2To1.Source-52127) Update: threw an exception,skipping this entity and moving to the next, exception:server.Attachments.FAILED_TO_ADD_ATTACHMENT : Failed to add attachment screenshot-1.png. Error: addAttachment: Attachment ‘screenshot-1.png’ already exists

We tried to delete the attachment from the JIRA side (since our mapping of "attachments" is one way QC–> JIRA, but cannot delete or rename the attachment in JIRA.

We even upgraded out HPE-Sync Sever to 12.53/Service Pack 1 (the latest version today), but is still has this error.

What to do?

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Asked on May 16, 2017 3:55 pm
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I have actually seen this before.

You mention two clues:
1) older records -- implies ''fixed'' or ''Closed'' status perhaps
2) you cannot delete or change the name of your attachment in JIRA

Is it possible that your JIRA project has something in it's workflow that sets the record to be read-only after it reached a closed state (such as ''Closed'' or ''Fixed'')?
If so, then of course HP-sync is having issues because it expects to have full Read/Write access to the record at all times.

You have 2 choices if this is the case:
1) have the JIRA Admin unlock the record to allow you to make changes via HP-sync, OR
2) Set the ''do not update'' flag for these specific record/mapping pairs in the back-end Postgres Sync database ''identity map'' table (advanced)

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Answered on May 16, 2017 4:11 pm

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