I can’t upload or save my VuGen script to LRE 12.63; no one can save a script.
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Ithis just started happen this morning, for all projects.

When I upload via the Performance Center> Test management > upload VuGen Script I get

Error while uploading Appreleae5003_orderparts.zip into “Subject\OrderOnline\Rv5003 folder. Script upload failed. Error: Possibly not enough space on the disk on AIM repository.

If I try to  the VuGen> ALM connection and then save the script I get “an error has occurred”

I have 500+ GB on my PC server.


Please help

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Asked on July 31, 2020 4:02 pm
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please verify you have 50+ GB on the ALM Server Drives and the ALM File Repository Driver/server


by Default the ALM File Repository is on the same drive and the ALM server software; however some companies opted to have the ALM File Repository on a separate drive and/or server:

To check the open the Site Administration > Site Configuration tab and look for the " BASE REPOSITORY PATH" setting: to see the location of the File Repository

the  "File Repository" drive should be 2 -5+ TBs drive to hold as the test data, scripts, results, etc

Actually size will vary depending on the test methods, styles, number of projects, Number and size of scripts and old data/project retention policy.  The total "File Repository" will grow as test runs are collated, analyzed and as more projects and scripts are added script.

NOTE: The machines/drives used for the "File Repository" should be monitored and additional drive space should be added when free space falls below 100GB


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Answered on July 31, 2020 4:19 pm

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