If it normal for UFT connected to ALM to use 2 BPT licenses?
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We have 10 BPT licenses. These licenses are locked down per project and per user group properly. We have noticed though that when using UFT for BPT testing, that 2 licenses are then consumed. Is this expected that 2 then get used? It results in some testers not being able to work with BPT at times.

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Asked on April 18, 2017 7:12 pm
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By design, UFT will consume a license as will the connection to ALM from UFT. Two licenses will be consumed if you open a BPT test in UFT from ALM (for run or edit).

Essentially it is due to the fact that if you access a UFT project through ALM you will be able to use and run this test, however when you open UFT there is no guarantee that you will only use the same test or that you will not create a different project to work with the same license consumed by ALM.

This method prevents abuse of the BPT license since in UFT you are free to move and work in a different project. Hope that addresses your concern.

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Answered on April 18, 2017 7:13 pm
Thanks for the explanation. That makes perfect sense.
( at April 18, 2017 7:15 pm)

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