In PC 12.55, my TruClient IE scripts fails with target object not found, error code – 201577
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My set of TruClient scripts working perfectly in VuGen all Scripts works fine in Develop mode and load mode when run in VuGen. all of the scripts fail in Performance center with target object not found, error code – 201577, just after the Vusers try to login to the Application

We are using PC 12.55

Protocol used: TruClient IE (IE11)

VuGen 12.55

LG 12.55

all LG:S configured to run as process

With my User id I tried to access application manually from LG; however the homepage of the Application is not coming up after login,

so it seems to be related to LG.

please help

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Asked on September 12, 2018 9:09 pm
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It appears that your user id and those of the Vusers cannot access the Application under test(AUT).

If you cannot manually access the AUT then it is not the script or the PC 12.55 LG software.

Please contact the AUT team and make sure:

1. Your User ID can access the AUT for All LG manually
2. All of the Vuser user ID's and password will have access from all of the LGs
3. The PC system user account can access the AUT site home page.
4. Verify no special setup, plugin or proxy is needed within IE of the LG

Additionally, you may want to add a conditional (if ) statement, verify object exist and/or wait for object to appear steps to your scripts to help troubleshoot the issue better if the user failing to login or get a 404 page.

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Answered on September 12, 2018 9:11 pm

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