Internet Explorer Alternatives for ALM?
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 With the announcement that Microsoft is discontinuing Internet Explorer (IE) later this year, what are the alternatives that will be available for using with ALM after this occurs?




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Asked on January 25, 2021 10:09 am
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Hi HomerJ,

There is much concern about this as the only officially supported browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge (Version 77 and later).

You will need to have Edge running in IE compatibility mode as it will not work with ALM without it being in IE compatibility mode.
You may need to get your IT department involved if they are blocking or changing some of the active X components necessary for this to be enabled and allowing ALM or to get the IE mode enabled for your users individual systems.

The only other options that you would have if you can't run Edge  in IE mode would be to download and install off of the Microfocus Marketplace a stand alone application they have created to run ALM such as Microfocus's Client Launcher or their ALM Explorer.  Microfocus is recommending the Client Launcher (it is newer and more efficient and optimized) over the ALM Explorer but either are an available option for running ALM at this time (I suspect in the future that the older ALM Explorer may be discontinued and only the Client Launcher maintained and updated for newer ALM version releases).

Client Launcher:

ALM Explorer:

You may have to create an account to log in and download them from the above links off of the Microfocus Marketplace.

These will be the only options available in the future unless they also enable a way to work with other browsers such as Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc, bu they aren't supported as of now,

Hope this helps,


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Answered on January 25, 2021 10:20 am

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