Invalid load generator name, load generator doesnot exist” error received during test execution with active load generator
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In this case the LR controller is setup in Indianapolis data center and the LR agent is running at Zhuhai.
From Controller load generator configuration, it is able to connect to the Agent in Zhuhai and also the Status shows Ready.

When I am running the test, error pops up as "Invalid Load generator name, load generator does not exist."
Why is this happening?

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Asked on July 25, 2018 10:50 am
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It appears that your LG's are set to run as s process since you are able to connect but cannot run load test.

If you install as a process, someone with Admin rights must be logged in for the LG software to run. If someone is not logged in you will not be able to connect from the controller to the LG and will not be able to run any tests on that LG. If you install as a service then the LG can be sitting at the login screen or logged in and the service will be running in the background. The LG can be run both as a process and a service. We recommend customer install the LG as a service.

You have 2 options :

1. Login to each LG before starting the test with same local admin account as on controller and stay login for the duration of the test


2. Change the agent to run as Service

To install LoadRunner agent as a service:

1. Remove the LoadRunner Agent Process shortcut from the Start -> Program Files -> Startup group.

2. Type in magentservice.exe -install [enter]
Note: If you want to set a different account, then type in :
magentservice.exe -install [user_domain][user_name] [password]

3. If the install is successful, you will receive the following messages:
LoadRunner Agent Service installed
LoadRunner Agent Service started.
LoadRunner Agent service will be started automatically as well.

4. Go to the Window's Services and change its properties to start it as ''Automatic.''

5. If you wish to modify the login details after installation of agent service, do the following : Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services and look for the LoadRunner Agent Service. Right-click and select Properties->Log On and change the information from there

IMPORTANT NOTE for LoadRunner 12.2x and lower users

Please note that Micro Focus ended Committed Support for HP LoadRunner 11.5X on May 31 2017. This product version is now under ''Extended Support''. This means, Micro Focus will not be issuing any new patches or hotfixes for this version. This means no bug fixes and no support for newer versions of browsers, operating systems, and databases.

Micro Focus and Orasi strongly recommend upgrading to HPE ALM-PC 12.57

Based on your case description, we recommend upgrading to Performance Center where license allows testing with a controller located in different location than the person running the test.

While Micro Focus offers Extended Support periods, to minimize risks, we recommend that all customers update to the 12.5x version of LoadRunner. LoadRunner 12.5x provides the following new capabilities:
* Cloud Testing via AWS, Azure
* Continuous Testing using Jenkins, and plug-ins for Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs
* Scripting for Web/HTTP in native JavaScript
* Patented TruClient technology which now supports Chromium, Firefox and Internet Explorer using a common script
* Many Others fixes and updates

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Answered on July 25, 2018 10:51 am

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