Is it possible to have mdrv process in Performance Center run under a network account?

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  • Is it possible to have mdrv process in Performance Center run under a network account?
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In LoadRunner we could , change the user that is running the LR Agent process on the Load Generator. Do this by going to Start>programs>LoadRunner>Tools>LoadRunner Agent Runtime Settings Configuration. This would cause the mdrv on the load Generator to run under a different login.

However, in Performance Center 9.5, we can't seem to find this for the PC Agent process. We've tried looking PC User Guide to see where this option may be available in PC but can't seem to find this information.

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Asked on March 31, 2010 2:54 pm
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Performance Center uses the ''service'' version of the Agent. On the Load Generator machines (login from the console or RDP to the machine), go to the Services applet in the MMC (there are several paths to get there: Computer/Manage -> Services, Administrative tools -> Services, Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services, etc.)

Look for the ''Performance Center Agent Service''. Open the service properties: double click or right click and select ''Properties''. Go to the ''Log On'' tab. This service defaults to run under a ''system account''. Change the selection from ''Local System Account'' to ''This account'' and enter the user id and password. Save the change and restart the service. It will now be running under the user id specified and any tasks spawned by it will also be under that account.

Caution: if the password for the selected account changes, or if the account is disabled or removed, the PC Agent Service will not start and the machine can not be used as a Load Generator.

This will work for a normal ''PC Load Generator'' and a ''Stand-Alone Load Generator''.

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Answered on March 31, 2010 4:42 pm