Is the SQL-Server SYSADMIN role redundant?
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WE see the SQL-Server rights spelled out in this other post:

Make sure "Td_db_admin" has these Server ROLES (do not assign other roles):

> * dbcreator
> * (public)
> * Securityadmin
> (these roles are REQUIRED when
> projects in QC)
> OPTIONAL when doing upgrades – you
> need:
> * Sysadmin
> (this role is REQUIRED only when
> UPGRADING projects in QC)

WE know to define a SQL hi-level user "td_db_admin" or something like that, but our DBA is complaining that the additional "sysadmin" role is redundant to the other roles.

Can we get away without setting that "sysadmin" role?

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Asked on June 21, 2016 1:35 pm
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The SYSADMIN role in SQL-Server is REQUIRED by HP in the SQL-Server setup when the QC-Admin is trying to use Site Admin tool to do project Upgrades (i.e. upgrading projects from QC11.52 to 12.21). It is also necessary when doing the QC install and upgrading qcsiteadmin_db.

Redundant or not (DBA can split hairs all day), it is REQUIRED by HP to do these tasks.

Many companies decide to disable this role AFTER the upgrades are complete, then use some DBA Work-order process to have the SQL-Server DBAs enable it from time to time when doing various project maintenance in QC.

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Answered on June 21, 2016 1:40 pm

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