Issue with Notifications after upgrade of ALM version?

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After our upgrade IO have noticed that the notification alerts indicator is not being triggered and I am not receiving an email after the defect has been marked as fixed in the system.

To test the issue, I ran a test case which failed and I created a defect.
when I look at the test lab> execution folder I am not seeing any indicators in the execution grid on the left side (the little bell). I do see the defect when looking at Linked Defect > All links option.
and when that Defect was fixed, I didn’t receive any alerts regarding that – to retest the failed test case. I do think we used to see that prior to the upgrade.

Is there something we are missing here or may have changed during the upgrade??


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Asked on July 3, 2019 1:47 pm
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Hello HomerJ,
I have seen this issue before and the indicator is generally that the alert has occurred. The emails are generated based upon the Alert Rules that are established for the individual projects. There are no uniform and universal rules that apply to all the projects and each must be established for each individual project.

Perform the following:

1) Log into the affected projects through the normal user portal (and not the system admin console portion)
2) Go to the settings menu
3) Select the customization option (You will need to be a project admin in order to adjust these settings)
4) Once into the customization settings, select the alert rules option on the left side options list
5) On the right set up the necessary rules (If you have used this in the past there is a good chance that the option is already there and just unchecked to make it active.)
6) Set up the rule and check the boxes for whom to notify when the rule executes when run
7) Exit the customization
8) Save the changes made within the module by selecting options within the presented pop up box
9) Close out the entire browser
10) Restart the entire browser so the changes will take effect for your user.

Now your changes have been made and this needs to be tested fully and you should see the emails and notifications as expected.

Hope this helps,

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Answered on July 3, 2019 2:04 pm
Thanks for the detailed instructions.
( at July 3, 2019 2:05 pm)