Jmeter script conversion to LoadRunner
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We have Jmeter scripts created by development team for load testing purposes. As we are still with LoadRunner 12.53 version, is there any conversion utility to convert JMeter scripts to LoadRunner script to use it for load testing with Performance Center?

After we upgrade to 12.55 and use JMeter scripts in scenario without conversion, does it provide summary HTML report with transaction statistics and SLA information? Can we add Jmeter specific statistics into summary report?

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Asked on January 20, 2018 4:29 pm
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For your current version of 12.53, there is not a conversion utility
to convert JMeter scripts to LoadRunner scripts at this time.

Answer to question 2:

Evening after upgrading to 12.55, the summary report will not show SLA information. Micro Focus has stated the following limitations when working with JMeter in LoadRunner:

* Service level agreements (SLAs) are not supported for JMeter tests.
* Network Virtualization is not supported for JMeter tests.
* JMeter remote testing feature (one JMeter client instance controlling multiple remote node instances) is not supported with LoadRunner.

For more information, please see the following links below:

Answer to question 3:

Evening after upgrading to LoadRunner / Performance Center 12.55, you will be very limited as to what you can do. Please note: Micro Focus has provided the following important note:

''JMeter is released with LoadRunner / Performance Center 12.55 as a ''beta support'' feature, and currently you do not need a license to run JMeter tests in the Controller; however, this may change for future versions.''

Currently for LoadRunner / Performance Center 12.55, only the following JMeter graphs will be available:

* JMeter Active Threads
* JMeter Hits
* JMeter Throughput
* JMeter Transactions

Please consider the above and then update your case with your status along with any additional related questions and concerns.

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Answered on January 22, 2018 3:16 pm

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