LAN Congestion
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We found an issue earlier this year and I am wondering what ideas you may have to mitigate the problem.
I have 4 LG machines in a common closet connected to a real switch and find that when I am running a real load test. The load is getting stuck in the LAN and not hitting the servers as intended. I can see the response time gets lousy on those machines but other machines in other locations do not have the same issue. The obvious solution is to move my LG machines to more distinct locations on their own LAN areas but this becomes a maintenance challenge as these machines have walked away when nobody is using them (no monitor or keyboard) and a locked closet is a good idea. so I thought I was in great shape when I got my own closet with UPS Power!.

Going to the cloud is not really an option as we don’t like to pay rent and most apps under test are not publicly exposed.

I am guessing the answer is more LG machines in more locations but wonder if you have any better ideas.

These are M93 Lenovo desktops with Win 7 64 bit and 16 GB RAM, I am guessing 100 BT LAN Card

I have 1,000 VUsers for web so that is the max I can run. I saw the issue in full 1,000 user test with short pacing.

Also, I can likely get more LG’s if that is the solution. Any input would be great.

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Asked on January 23, 2017 12:56 pm
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I highly recommend talking with your network team and increasing your network bandwidth. Upgrading the LAN may help. This would help with the network traffic and lower response times. For example; upgrading the network to 1 Gb LAN from a 100 Mb LAN would provide better performance and greatly reduce the network congestion. Also, adding more LG's would certainly help in this situation as well.

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Answered on January 23, 2017 12:57 pm

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