LeanFT 12.51 plugin not working with Eclipse after install
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I downloaded Eclipse Java EE for Developers 4.5.1, and clicked it. It ran an install. Next, I installed LeanFT 12.51, but I don’t see the menu for the plugin. I checked to make sure the LeanFT engine was running, and my license is good when I checked it.

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Asked on December 30, 2015 5:42 pm
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First, you shouldn't have to install Eclipse. I've heard of this happening before, but it doesn't have the folder structure that LeanFT's installer expects and causes issues.

You need to move the entire Eclipse folder to your local drive, such as C. Next, run the LeanFT installer, and point to the main Eclipse folder that you just copied and run the install.

As a side note, for the Java EE Eclipse version you are running has an addtional step for LeanFT 12.51. You need to download and install Google's GSON jar file and place it in the Eclipseplugins folder.


Then, restart Eclipse.

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Answered on December 30, 2015 5:42 pm

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