Get addins loaded in UFT

Get addins loaded in UFT
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How can I programmatically get the loaded addins of a test, say if I want to use it in a VBScript file or something?

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Asked on December 30, 2015 8:04 pm
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You can use a method called GetAssociatedAddinsForTest. You can then iterate through them if you want and display them or do whatever with the information. Here's a sample script that gets the loaded (associated) addins for a test and then displays them in a message box:

Set qtApp = CreateObject(''QuickTest.Application'')
arrTestAddins = qtApp.GetAssociatedAddinsForTest(''C:'') 'Create an array containing the list of addins associated with this test

For Each testAddin In arrTestAddins
msgbox qtApp.Addins(testAddin).name
msgbox qtApp.Addins(testAddin).Status
If qtApp.Addins(testAddin).Status <> ''Active'' Then
msgbox qtApp.Addins(testAddin).Status
Exit For
End If

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Answered on December 30, 2015 8:09 pm

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