Link provided in ALM generated email is incorrect – still has HTTP instead of HTTPS
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When you click the defect ID # in the ALM email, it is taking you to the unsecured URL (missing the 's'): http://myservert/qcbin/start_a.jsp

This is causing the user to go to a page that says: "This page can’t be displayed".

In order to get around this, the user must add the 's' after 'http' and then the link will work and go to: https://myserver/qcbin/start_a.jsp

Is there anyway to update this link provided in the ALM generated email to have the ‘s’ built in so the links work and don’t cause others to not be able to get to the defect information in ALM?

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Asked on April 13, 2018 1:00 pm
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This is an obscure behavior of ALM.
Actually, it ''builds up'' the link string from:
Secure/non-secure + host + port + entity id

Usually, it works fine, unless you switch to SSL/HTTPS, then you need to add and set the site parameter:
By default it is set to ''N'' or use HTTP:, when using SSL, ADD this parameter and set to ''Y''.

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Answered on April 13, 2018 1:05 pm

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