LR12.02 Ajax Click and Script support for IE 10 or 11
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According to the PAM here, only IE 8 and IE 9 are supported for the Ajax – Click and Script protocol.

LoadRunner Product Availability Matrix 12.02
HP Software Knowledge Document KM01296026 ( )

Is there any plan to support later versions? Why did they stop at IE 9?

What is the ajax friendly and *resource* friendly alternative aside from TruClient since that still takes a lot of LG resources per virtual user as compared to Click and Script?

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Asked on February 11, 2016 7:02 pm
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Hello Cab,

HPE is planning to drop the Ajax(Click-n-Script ) protocol in the near future. you should use the Ajax TruClient or Web(Http/html) protocols. the Ajax(Click-n-Script ) was very limited is the Ajax tool kits it could record.

from LR 12.50 Readme

> * The following protocols will be
> deprecated in future releases of
> LoadRunner: Ajax (Click & Script), SAP
> (Click & Script), MMS (Media Player),
> MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service),
> Silverlight, and COM/DCOM.

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Answered on March 10, 2016 3:51 pm

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