Monitoring non-pc/Linus Systems
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I need to monitor the system resources on VMS legacy system. I can’t find a way to do that in LoadRunner. Is there a way to monitor non-standard or legacy systems?

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Asked on July 19, 2017 3:23 pm
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LoadRunner has a built-in function named ''lr_user_data_point'' that you can use to bring any numeric data into your test results. All you have to do is to access the data via a LR script and then get the numeric data needed. Once you have the numeric data, you can use the ''lr_user_data_point'' function to make the data available to the test results.

In the following RTE script sample, we get the text of the numeric data, convert it from text to float, and then load it into a data point.

TE_get_text_line ( 35, 8, 0, buf); //Get the text CPU use
CPU_Use = atof(buf); //Convert the value
lr_user_data_point(''CPU_Use'', CPU_Use); //Set the data point

Repeat this for each metric you wish to monitor. Any data that you can see on the screen or that can be found in returned data stream can be plotted with this function.

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Answered on July 19, 2017 3:27 pm

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