Move private files to make them accessible for a user with a new user ID.
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We have a user that was recently assigned a new User ID, and they are no longer able to access their report files stored in the Private folder within the Dashboard / Analysis Views module. We looked into having the project admin move the files over, but they are unable to view the files in the user’s private folder.

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Asked on April 21, 2023 1:40 pm
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The suggested method is to move the files in the UI by dragging them from one folder to another. If the user can no longer use their OLD User ID to access and drag the files, then the files can be moved from the ‘Private’ folder to the ‘Public’ folder by running the following query against the ANALYSIS_ITEMS table in each project that contains the user’s files. The queries will need to be edited to reflect the data values in your environment. You will need to access Site Administration, click the ‘Site Projects’ tab, then expand the Domain and Project containing the files that need to be moved.

The new user ID for the user will need to replace NEW_User_ID in the query. The AI_PARENT_ID will be set to ‘1001’, which will move the file to the ‘Public’ folder. Once the query is run, the file will be placed in the 'Public’ folder for the NEW User ID. Once the files have been moved into the ‘Public’ folder, the user should then be able to access the files and move them to the desired folder.

First, you will need to query the ANALYSIS_ITEMS table to find all the records owned by the user’s OLD user ID.



Record the values displayed in the ‘AI_ID’ column for all the files that need to be moved. Once you have the AI_ID values for the files owned by the OLD user ID, you will need to plug them into the query below…


SET AI_PARENT_ID = ‘1001’,


WHERE AI_ID IN (‘value_1’,’ value_2’,’ value_3’,’ value_4’,’ value_5’)

If you choose to run the query provided, it is recommended that you test it in your Test environment before using it in Production. We also recommend creating a backup of any project that you wish to run the query against in case any unforeseen issue occurs.

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Answered on April 21, 2023 1:41 pm

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