MQ load testing using LoadRunner Add-on.

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Can anybody having experience in load testing WebSphere MQ v6.0 using LR? Please share your experience n what all issues we may expect during the script and execution?

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Asked on January 22, 2011 4:18 am
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The MQ tester Software is In the LoadRunner ''Addition Components'' folder.

MQ Tester 3.4.0 for LR 11.0x and Version 3.4.1 For LR11.5 both require WebSphere MQ Client or Server Version 5.2 or higher

Also, you may encounter a ''Cannot open LRP file for type 'MQSeries-Client''' issue when you run MQ test from the Controller. To fix follow these instructions from HP

Document : Cannot open LRP file for type 'MQSeries-Client'
ID: KM1221459
Product: LoadRunner, Performance center
Version: 11.0x,11.0x
Updated: 2012-Aug-21
Summary: When running a MQ script into LR11 or PC11 it shows this error after the MQ Tester was installed in the LG.

When try to run the script from ALM-PC or directly into the LR Controller, both show these messages:

-84805 Error: The user files were not transferred to the local load generator
-81049 Error (-81049): LR_VUG: Cannot open LRP file for type 'MQSeries-Client'.


The MQ Tester installer information only requests to install the tool into Vugen and LG. The Controller does not has the lrp files necessary to work with this protocol.


Copy the lrp files named MQServer.lrp and MQClient.lrp from VuGen or the Load Generator into the Controller folder datprotocols

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Answered on June 20, 2013 2:47 pm