Multiple Critical Errors within one project within Microfocus ALM?
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We have recently upgraded from ALM 11.52 to ALM 12.55 and several users (all are running Windows 10 if this makes a difference) are receiving the following error – ALM cannot be loaded properly since there is a mismatch between the Language And Region Format and the input languages installed on this machine… also Invalid field type definition, and then receiving catastrophic error. and QC crashes and it takes a lot to get it to come back up. This is happening on a lot of workstations.

Please advise where we may look and what for yo resolve this issue properly.


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Asked on September 26, 2018 3:35 pm
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Hi Homerj,
It sounds like their is some corruption in the project. Are there attachments in the tests that could be causing issues when they are opened and does it only happen in the test cases or does it happen in other modules too?

Have you run a verification on the project (it is non-invasive and can be run with the project active, but only the verification, All other maintenance functions would require the project to be deactivated and we would recommend a back up of the project repository and DB schema before doing anything other than the verification)?

If there is issues this should resolve them and correct the issue. You may need to remove some of the affected users and re add them back after issues are resolved as I have experienced this in the past.

I hope his helps. If the issue isn't resolved I would suggest you open a support ticket with your support group to address the issue further.


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Answered on September 26, 2018 4:06 pm
Thanks for the recommendations. There were issues detected in the verification and the users required removal and read afterward but that did resolve the issues at this time. Thanks.
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