My Truclient script created in VuGen 12.60 not running in PC 12.55
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We are using PC 12.55 for the scenario runs and LoadRunner VuGen 12.60 to create the scripts.
In VuGen (12.60), scripts using (Truclient Browser and IE) it works fine.
When I try to run the same script PC 12.55 with FF and Chromium the scripts are not running only the Vusers are activated and transaction flows gone away.

The Truclient script appears to work for the IE browser in the PC 12.55. and LR 12.60

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Asked on August 6, 2019 2:53 pm
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**Mixing versions is a bad thing!** Running new scripts (12.6x) in old PC environments (12..57 or lower) is not supported. You will encounter issues just like yours and more.

Scripts created in VuGen 12.60 **WILL NOT work properly** in LR 12.55 OR PC 12.55 nor will it work in 12.56 or 12.57 or any lower versions. There are many updates to the TruClient code in VuGen 12.60, which PC 12.55 CANNOT handle. The biggest change being the supported Firefox (TruClient browser) and Chrome (Chromium) versions being used within the TruClient protocol for LR and PC.

**In LR/PC 12.55 the TruClient version of are:**

- Firefox 40.03
- Chrome - Chromium 55
- Internet Explorer 10, 11

**In LR/PC 12.60-12.63 The TruClient version of are:**

- TruClient browser - Equivalent to Firefox version 58.0.2
- Chrome - Chromium 63 (12.60 & 12.61) Chromium 68 (12.62 & 12.63)
- Internet Explorer 10, 11

**HIGHLY Recommend you upgrade ALL machines in your PC environment and All VuGen machines to same and newest version!**

Older scripts (i.e. 12.53) will work in Newer environments (i.e. LR 12.63 or PC 12.63), in most cases.

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Answered on August 6, 2019 3:06 pm

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