New Requirement or Test and Behavior of Undo Checkout
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We have an end user that performs the following actions:

1. In a version controlled project, create a new requirement or test. Just enter required information and submit.
2. Do not check in the test/requirement. Instead, perform an "Undo Checkout".

The user’s expectation is that the requirement/test should be deleted considering the initial version was not checked in.

This behavior has been around awhile, so I’m sure the requirement/test is not deleted for a specific reason,

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Asked on August 18, 2016 8:11 pm
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Based on basic DB/record knowledge of QC is that when creating a NEW record in QC, the user fills in various fields and saves/submits/clicks ''next'' etc.
The record has been saved in the DB by this point, and check-out/undo check-out is irrelevant to record deletion.

Once you click SUBMIT, the record gets stored in the database (History - version ''1'') and is immediately checked-out to the creating user.
This is the ''initial'' version, version control has to start somewhere.

This is working as designed for a version controlled project.

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Answered on August 18, 2016 8:12 pm

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