We got SSL working wtih ALM12.53, but now BOTH HTTP and HTTPS are working! How to stop HTTP access?
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We were able to finally get HTTPS/SSL working for our load of ALM12.53 (uses Jetty).
I guess we did it correctly (mostly) because BOTH HTTPS (secure) and HTTP (non-secure) are working.

We want to only have HTTPS enabled, what did we miss?

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Asked on August 18, 2016 7:49 pm
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In the JETTY.xml file, you need to comment out the lines for HTTP / Port 8080 or 80 ''connector'' (look for jetty.port and default=''8080'' or ''80''.

![alt text][1]
There is a section in the file about ''Http Configuration''. Look for section of code starting with:

< Call name=''addConnector'' >

Add a start comment string on a line just above it:

(see highlighted text on image)

Then, find the end of the block, it ends with:

< / Call >

Then add the closing comment string on a line just below the /Call :

(see highlighted text on image)

This comments out the HTTP / Port 8080 (or 80) un-secured behavior.

[1]: /storage/temp/479-2016-08-18-1401.png

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Answered on August 18, 2016 8:05 pm

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