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I am trying to add a few custom properties to QTP 11 for a web object (WebEdit). I’ve added them and I can see them in the object spy, but after adding them, the properties aren’t learned when recording. I know I’ve tried this in the past with another type of object (not web) and I remember it working. Is this not available anymore or is it broken?

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Asked on January 31, 2014 10:07 pm
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1.Go to Tools -> Object Identification.

2.Select Web in the Environment drop down list.

3.Select the test object class in the list to modify.

4.To instruct QuickTest Professional to always learn the property you need, click under the Mandatory Properties list.

If you want QuickTest Professional to learn the property when it is needed to further uniquely identify the object, click under the Assistive Properties list.

5.In the Add/Remove Properties dialog, click .

6.Enter the name of the Run-time Object property (as it appeared in the Object Spy).

***** Important Notes: *****

** Use lower case

** For Web objects: use the ''attribute/'' format as the property
name, for example, if you need to add a property named ''size'', you need to Specify ''attribute/size'' as the property name. Then this property will be added
to the test object and Web Add-in should be able to get the property value from the HTML source of the web object.

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Answered on January 31, 2014 10:08 pm