Organization Leavers users cleanup and user properties update
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Dear Peers,

Could you please provide your valuable inputs to automate the following for conducting periodic activities.

Let me know if we already have any existing utility to achieve this.

Note: ALM projects can be in either Active state or in deactivated state.

Left over users removal activity


1. Identify the ALM siteadmin users who left the organization ( we use SSO for user authentication), what are the best ways to do this?

2. Generate a report for the above identified users in which projects they are present and what roles they have.

3. Delete the above identified users from the Siteadmin ( wanted to understand if there will be any impact if we delete users at siteadmin level, in case if there is any impact , we can delete users and their associated groups only at project level )

4. Generate a report on the siteadmin users deleted , their associated projects and their corresponding roles .

User properties update


1.  Identify if there is any user properties difference like name change or email id change for same user id present in ALM siteadmin to that of user in active directory or vsed.

2. Generate a report with all the differences found

3. Update user properties with current values from AD and VSED onto ALM siteadmin users list.

4. Generate a report on which all users are updated and what properties are updated.

Regards, Srihari

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Asked on March 14, 2024 12:43 pm

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