Performance Center unable to ramp up beyond 25 Truclient users
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We are currently using Performance Center 12.55 with Windows 2012. We are executing load tests with scripts created in TruClient. Our generators are physical boxes with Intel Xeon V4 at 2.6 GHz 28 cores with 128 gigs of ram.
In our load test, ramping up significantly beyond 200 users, even if the generator's resources are within reasonable ranges, will cause users to timeout when ramping up. This comes back as an IBS: Connection to browser lost error.
Our Generators show fine on resource usage-Issue does not present with web users or other protocols.
Any thoughts or help would be great.

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Asked on July 26, 2019 10:43 am
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Your receiving the repeated error: '' IPC connection to browser process is lost '' due to the Windows GDI limitation.

GDI objects represent graphical device interface resources like, fonts, bitmaps, brushes, etc. As with CPU and Memory, each browser consumes different GDI objects depending on the page(s) it displays.

In the Windows Operating System, there is a known limitation on the amount of GDI objects that can be created in a session. The theoretical limit is 65,536 GDI objects per session. However, the maximum number of GDI objects that can be created per session is usually much lower.

Therefore, when running large amount of Virtual Users, you might encounter a GDI object limitation while not reaching high CPU or Memory utilization.

Reaching GDI objects limitation results in Vuser errors; such as, ''IPC connection to the browser is lost'' or ''Failed to create IPC connection to the browser'', in your Controller output messages.

To overcome Windows GDI limitation, one can use Performance Center with terminal sessions integration or distribute the Vuser load across many load generators.


I recommend distributing the Vuser load across many load generators.

I hope this helps

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Answered on July 26, 2019 2:59 pm

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