Problems when installing ALM with Win-auth using newer JAVA versions (newer then Java 8 build 261)
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We are upgrading an old ALM install (12.2) to ALM 16 and need to first upgrade to ALM 12.6 or 15.51 on the way.

We were using SQL-Server with WINDOWS AUTHENTICATION for our old back-end database.

When installing 12.6 (or later), we needed to first install JAVA, so we just got the newest Java 1.8 (Java 8).

When installing ALM 12.6, (and we found same result in 15.x and 16.x), we get to the Database page of the Install Wizard screens.  After specifying SQL-Server Windows authentication, it tries to validate (even with validation check set to FALSE), it throws an error message a the bottom of the screen saying

“ERROR: Failed to validate database parameters”

We tried everything and cannot get ALM 12.6 – 16.x to install using Windows Authentication.

As a side-note, we CAN always get it to install with SQL-Authentication, BUT we really need our qcsiteadmin_db and the only way to carry it forward is by the install process.

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Asked on January 17, 2023 10:40 am
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This is a "new" problem starting with JAVA 8 NEWER than build 261.

IT seems that the support for accessing MS-SQL via JDBC has been removed and now required downloading a DLL from Microsoft yourself and placing it into the /bin or /jre/bin folders of your installed JAVA 8 folder structure.

According to the install screens for ALM 17, this same situation (Installing with SQL-Server/Win-auth on newer JAVA 8), the Database install screen gives this ERROR:

ERROR: You are installing ALM using the Microsoft SQL Server (Windows Auth.)  Please check if the mssql-jdbc_auth-8.2.2.x64.dll file was copied from the installer folder to your JRE/JDK's bin folder.  If there is a jre folder under the JDK folder, copy the file to both the JDL/bin and JDK/jre/bin folders.  Failed to validate database parameters.

So, this file is found in the UNZIPPED installer files folder (after you unzip the ALM 17 Server file to install ALM 17 with).

Get it and copy to your JAVA folders as directed above, then reboot the server and try the ALM installation again.

You CAN also get it from Microsoft here:


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Answered on January 17, 2023 10:59 am
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The support matrix for the DLL states that the 8.2 or 11.2 version will work with JAVA 8 or JAVA 11.

Support matrix - JDBC Driver for SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

Now, ALM 12.6 - 16.x REQUIRE Java 8 (Oracle or Open-source), but starting with ALM 17, you can use Java 8 or 11.

mssql-jdbc_auth-8.2.2.x64.dll is delivered along with ALM 17 installer files, but

mssql-jdbc_auth-11.2.3.x64.dll should ALSO work according to support matrix.

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Answered on January 17, 2023 10:59 am

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