Project Verification error issue after upgrade?
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We have recently upgraded our ALM installation to version 12.60 and were previously at version 12.53. We have an older project that we would like to restore into the new version and when we imported the .qcp file into the current version we are receiving an error of the following:

"unsupported project version"

What can we do as the original was a prior version to ALM 12.00 versions?


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Asked on July 3, 2019 4:55 pm
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Hello HomerJ,

There is no direct upgrade route from ALM11.5x and prior versions to ALM 12.6x versions. In order to upgrade an ALM 11,5x project within ALM12.6x you must first upgrade it to an ALM 12.xx version first and then it can be upgraded to ALM 12.6x.

Directly from the installation and upgrade guide for ALM12.6x:

From version: To ALM 12.60:
ALM 12.00 -12.5x Upgrade projects directly to ALM 12.60.
ALM 11.52 Upgrade to ALM 12.53 or 12.55, then upgrade to ALM 12.60.
ALM 11.00 Projects must first be migrated to ALM 12.21. For details, see the ALM 12.21 Installation and Upgrade Guide.

You will need to upgrade that project to one of the above listed ALM12.xx versions first in order to make it compatible to upgrade to ALM12.6x version.

Hope this helps,

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Answered on July 3, 2019 4:59 pm

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