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We are on QC version 11 Patch 16, and we are running UFT 11.53. In Quality Center when we try and view a UFT datatable in the QC resources we are getting an error "QTP Viewer not available." We have the UFT 11.50 add in, shouldn't this allow us to view these resources?

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Asked on March 20, 2014 6:15 pm
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Since you have UFT 11.53 make sure that you have the appropriate update for the UFT add in as well. With the newer method of installing service packs to UFT it is necessary to also update the UFT add in with the corresponding service pack. If you are using UFT 11.53 unpatched you would need to install UFTALM_00038 and if you have UFT 11.53 with patch 1 you would need to install UFTALM_00051.

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Answered on March 20, 2014 6:16 pm
The UFT Add in patch was what I needed, thanks
( at March 25, 2014 7:06 pm)

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