Question on converting existing scripts from QTP 11.0 to UFT 12.x

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  • Question on converting existing scripts from QTP 11.0 to UFT 12.x
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I understand that existing QTP 11 scripts are converting as they are run or opened in UFT, and are then UFT 12.1 scripts. Do you have any knowledge base documentation on a utility to backup and convert all existing QTP automation at one time, and how to estimate how long that will take? Thanks!

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Asked on October 11, 2016 7:30 pm
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There is no need to run a tool to upgrade scripts from QTP 11 to UFT as stated in HP document [KM00316304][1]. As you have stated UFT will upgrade the script when it is loaded and saved again. The scripts are compatible as stated in [KM00208465][2] and forcing upgrade is not required. Older versions of QTP (9.x and older) required the HP Asset Upgrade Tool and the HP document [KM896902][3] give more details on this tool.

If you want to push the upgrade to all of the tests, then a custom VBScript to force the upgrade process have to be made. I have attached HP Document [KM200021][4] as reference how to do the upgrade that was used for QTP 8.2 to 9.0.

Below is listed document attached reference documents.

Document ID: [KM00316304][5]
Title: How to upgrade from QuickTest Professional and/or Service Test to Unified Functional Testing

Document ID: [KM00208465][6]
Title: What is the test compatibility between QuickTest Professional (QTP) / Unified Functional Testing (UFT GUI) versions?

Document ID: [KM896902][7]
Title: What is the HP Asset Upgrade Tool?

Document ID : [KM200021][8]
Title : Is there a tool that will automatically convert QTP 8.2 scripts to QTP 9.0


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Answered on October 11, 2016 7:36 pm