QuickTest Professional, QTP local and shared object repository (SOR) merge
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I am having trouble grasping the local and shared object repository concept when it comes to Actions. Each action has its own local repository. Do I need to merge these local repositories into the SOR using the tool in the OR Manager? Since the actions are all being called from the same files stored in the same location (QC) why would I need to merge? Each user that executes the tests in QC has access to all of the local object repositories because they are stored within the actions that are being called from a shared location in QC.

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Asked on October 7, 2010 6:48 pm
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You do not have to merge your local object repository (LOR) into a shared object repository (SOR). The recommendation from HP is to use SOR since it gives you one location to update objects for an Application Under Test (AUT) instead of updating every LOR for each test. If you have several tests and they all have objects pointing to the same SOR, then when a new release of AUT is issued, you only have to update the SOR not each test LOR.

Another way to look at this SOR is that it is a common repository of objects where if an object changes behavior or property then you can change it in one place and not search down every test. The merge tool just gives you a way to move the items from LOR to SOR and deal with the conflicts.
A good source for more information about this topic can be found at ''HP QuickTest Professional User's Guide'' Chapter 4 and ''HP QuickTest Professional Tutorial''.

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Answered on October 7, 2010 8:01 pm

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