Report displaying defects with statuses that have been recently updated.
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Hello. I am looking for a way to generate a defect report that displays the latest status changes of Failed, Retest and Reopen. We are wanting the report to include the defect ID, status, old and new status selected, as well as the time of the change. Do you have a query that I can use to create such a report?

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Asked on July 13, 2018 9:18 pm
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Hello. I have entered the query below that can be used to create a report displaying the data you are looking for. It displays the Defect ID, Status, User ID (Who made the change), Old Value, New Value, and Time for each defect that has been updated, and sorts the order of the updated defects from newest to oldest, so the latest update will be displayed first in the report. You will need to run this query in the 'Analysis Module' within ALM. To create this report, you will need to create a 'New Excel Report' within the Analysis module, then enter the script below into the 'Configuration' tab. If the 'New Excel Report' option isn't available in the Analysis module, then you will need to add the 'ENABLE_CREATE_LEGACY_EXCEL_REPORT' parameter into the 'Site Configuration' tab within Site Admin, and set the value field to 'Y'. I hope this provides the information you are looking for.

''defect''.BG_BUG_ID AS ''Defect ID'',
''defect''.BG_STATUS AS ''Status'',
''audit_log''.AU_USER AS ''User ID'',
''audit_property''.AP_OLD_VALUE AS ''OLD Value'',
''audit_property''.AP_NEW_VALUE AS ''NEW Value'',
''audit_log''.AU_TIME AS ''Time''
BUG ''defect''
INNER JOIN AUDIT_LOG ''audit_log'' ON ''defect''.BG_BUG_ID = ''audit_log''.AU_ENTITY_ID
INNER JOIN AUDIT_PROPERTIES ''audit_property'' ON ''audit_log''.AU_ACTION_ID = ''audit_property''.AP_ACTION_ID
''audit_property''.AP_TABLE_NAME = 'BUG' AND
''audit_property''.AP_PROPERTY_NAME = 'Status' AND
''audit_property''.AP_NEW_VALUE IN ('Failed', 'Retest', 'Reopen')
''audit_log''.AU_TIME DESC

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Answered on July 13, 2018 9:19 pm

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