Report Generation task failed in ALM
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Not able Generate any report such as “Requirements with Traceability” Throwing Error “Report Generation Task Failed with the following error” Failed to create file “F:… (location information removed for privacy concerns)”

Report generation task (Id: 19358) failed with the following error:
Error occurred upon report generation: Failed to create file: F:\ALM\repository\qc\(location specific information removed for privacy)\Requirements with Traceability.

Not able Generate any report such as “Requirements with Traceability” Throwing above error followed with:
Please contact your system administrator for more information.

This report was working yesterday. Any idea what may have happened?

Thanks in advance


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Asked on July 31, 2021 10:10 am
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Every time I have seen this error either the location has been disconnected and is unaccessible to write the data needed to create the report or the free space available to write to isn’t large enough as you are out off space at that location and the generation attempt fails. I would check this two things and verify that you can get to the location specified and enough free space exists. If it is something else then I would raise a case with your support partner.

Hope this helps,


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Answered on July 31, 2021 10:11 am
We were out of space, thanks
( at July 31, 2021 10:12 am)

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