Server MUTED – reason=Cannot build directory item for key ‘communication_security_passphrase’ in TD Params Directory
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The other day, on our TEST QC/ALM server, we started getting this error instead of our usual QC page:

Please HELP.


**QC Server on ‘test_mercury’ is MUTED**

status=MUTED, label=QC server is muted due to unrecoverable error, reason=Cannot build directory item for key ‘communication_security_passphrase’ in TD Params Directory, StackTrace=
java.sql.SQLNonTransientConnectionException: [Mercury][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Error establishing socket to host and port: myTestSvr:1433. Reason:
Connection timed out: connect
at com.mercury.jdbc.sqlserverbase.dda4.b(Unknown Source) at com.mercury.jdbc.sqlserverbase.dda4.a(Unknown Source) at

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Asked on May 13, 2013 2:11 pm
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Usually, a Server Muted page results when the QC/ALM server Application cannot find or connect to the Database Server / qcsiteadmin_db correctly.

The may be due to a bad/expired password, expired rights, inactive Database server, network connectivity, or sometimes even out of disk space on DB Server.

Try connecting to the DB Server from the QC/ALM server.
If in SQL-Server, and you know that you are using SQL-Authentication, try logging in as ''td'' with your ''Td-user'' password. If you are using Windows Authentication, log in to the QC Server box using the same user specified in the ''HP Application Lifecycle Management'' service.
If you have access to SQL-Server Mangement Studio, use that, otherwise setting up an ODBC DSN will suffice to check the password and connectivity.

Also, you can use Telnet to check connectivity, but not the password.

On the QC server, from a cmd window, you can do a ''telnet SERVERNAME 1433'' to see if SQL Server is listening on the port.
if you get telnet is not recognized error you will need to enable the telnet client feature in control panel / programs and features.
If the telnet returns a blank screen or OK, then SQL SERVER is listening on 1433 AND QC can see SQL Server.

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Answered on May 13, 2013 2:22 pm
On Oracle, Make sure your qcsiteadmin_db ''schema-user'' has the password you expect it to. Usually that schema and ALL project schemas' ''Schema-user'' (sane name as DB/Schema) has the same password. also, make sure the schema-user is ACTIVE and has all appropriate rights according to the Install Guide -- sometimes the Oracle Admin will expire a password or right, thereby causing a ''Server Muted'' page.
( at May 13, 2013 2:27 pm)
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That was it!
Our Systems people disabled our Windows-auth SQL/ALM service user's account accidentally.


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Answered on May 13, 2013 2:29 pm

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