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Just a rather general question here. We are setting up a new ALM server and not directly porting over everything from QC10 as we have some majorly bloated projects. Instead we are doing a semi-clean up of the projects and basically starting fresh. A ton of stuff though is getting added in an archived sort of way to the new ALM projects. Our older, legacy apps are having stuff consolidated down, requirements, tests, and such all grouped together and going to be present in a new project for reference.

My question here deals with the requirements. They are consolidating requirements into very large word documents. Included are tables, charts, pie graphs, you name it, all going in say one large word doc and being put in for these archived requirements as rich text details.

Now what I was wondering is what is the limit of the rich text. How big a file can make it or will just crash out ALM?

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Asked on September 18, 2012 2:51 pm
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Well, there is not easy answer to this question as any given word doc can be made up of so many things such as text, graphs, tables, formatting options, etc.

I do know that from inquiring with HP that the rich text field has a limit of 2,147,483,647 characters per their stating that is the sql string limit defined for that field. That is a Microsoft parameter that HP has had to work with (well its really the max value for a 32-bit signed integer, so there's that). So that puts a limit of 2GB on the file.

That said, Word has a 32MB file size limit for text only. Adding in graphics, tables, and the many other features of Word can increase the file size way past 32MB.

Microsoft has a KB article on the limits of Word docs which can be found here:

Also should point out the client machine you are logging into ALM would need to have some beefy specs in order to work well with a very large word doc file.

You might suggest to the document makers to do some trial and error on some of the files to ensure they can be added to requirements before they get the files to extremely massive proportions.

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Answered on September 18, 2012 2:51 pm